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We value creativity, hardiness, and joyful quality of life.


We create home through thoughtful, collaborative design to create a community and future we are proud of.

A Tale of Two Sisters

Heather Wright Foye


Heather built the firm in alignment with her design vision centering around clean lines and honesty of materials. Her well rounded experience informs our thoughtful approach at WA. She helps streamline the complexities of the process into a positive experience for our clients and team.

Heather has a bachelors of Architecture from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, CA and is a licensed California Architect.


Megan Wright Matthews


Megan is a structural engineer who straddles the line between architecture and structure. Her structural foundation combined with her aesthetic eye leads us to places where architects don’t typically go.

Megan has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, CA, a Masters in Structural Engineering from Stanford University, and is a licensed California Structural Engineer.


Our process, like our craft, is based on dialogue. We lead with connection, creativity, kindness and strategy to guide our projects and the people behind them through an enjoyable experience. 

The Foundation of Family

Megan and Heather Wright grew up in the Sierra Nevada foothills, spending their days building tree forts, swimming in the river, and fostering a deep appreciation for nature. Their small Gold Country town valued creativity, hardiness, and a joyful quality of life. An integral part of that community was the progressive architecture firm owned by their parents, with mom running the finances and dad, an early pioneer of passive solar design, creating beautiful, sustainable architecture.

After graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a civil engineering degree, Megan worked at an environmental engineering firm in Oakland before earning her masters in structural engineering at Stanford. She went on to work for a structural firm specializing in bespoke, residential structural design before becoming a partner at an environmentally focused structural engineering firm in Berkeley. There she combined her expertise with her passion for the environment by working on cutting-edge engineering projects utilizing sustainable materials.

Heather was the third member of her family to graduate from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. While earning her degree in architecture, she spent summers working at diverse architectural firms, including a company designing multi-family co-housing spaces. She traveled extensively, including a year in Denmark, where the Danish culture and design aesthetic greatly influenced her work.

After working with architects in Santa Fe and Austin, she returned to California where her observations on the differences and similarities in how people live throughout the world continue to hone her craft. 


Since founding Wright Architecture In 2017, the sisters’ passion and eagerness to evolve their already diverse knowledge base has constantly informed their vision of what a home should be: artfully functional and beautifully simple. That vision has helped revitalize homes throughout the bay area as well as create beautifully resilient new homes to replace those lost in the devastating California wildfires. 


Moving forward, they see an opportunity to create sustainable and resilient homes that address today’s societal challenges by serving to increase both housing supply and community engagement. They refuse to take part in throw-away culture, choosing instead to elegantly refine existing structures while creating new, high-quality structures that can support multiple families without compromising on privacy, luxury, and a connection to nature. With every project they take on, Heather and Megan hope to help shape a future they will be proud to share with their sons.

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